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Roof Top Tent Rack Home

Roof Top Tent Rack by Dinoot Racks by Customer Denny

Roof Top Tent Rack

Components and Complete Kits to make your own custom Roof Top Tent Rack, Utility Trailer Rack, Kayak Trailer Rack and Pickup Truck Bed Rack.

Roof top Tent Racks by Dinoot Racks

We make it easy for DIYers to add sturdy trailer racks tailored to their needs for Carry-on brand angle-iron utility trailers with our Full Dinoot No Weld Corner Bracket Trailer Racks. They also work with many other brands of angle-iron utility trailers.

Add to that our Telescoping Awning Brackets and you have a home away from home anywhere you can drive!

Roof top tent racks by Dinoot Racks

Roof Top Tent Truck Racks

Our Towers and Crossbars are strong and customizable for your Truck Bed application..

About Us

We are an Oregon, USA based company that has been supporting the DIY Trailer Supported Adventuring community since 2007.  The products we design are all locally manufactured in Oregon!  Check out our websites,, Compact Camping Store and forum


Roof Top Tent Rack Home - Roof Top Tent Rack for your Roof Top Tent on Trailer or Truck bed. Strong steel construction components to customize.

Compact Camping Concepts, LLC

Dinoot Racks

Trailer Rack for Roof Top Tent by Dinoot Racks
Trailer Rack by Dinoot Trailers with telescoping awning rack
Roof Top Tent Racks by Dinoot Trailer Racks
Roof Top Tent Trailer Rack with room for toys!

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