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Roof Top Tent Racks

Roof Top Tent Racks

Roof Top Tents are compatible with mounting on Trailers, Vehicles, Trucks and RVs. They can be attached to most factory and aftermarket rack systems or bolted directly on in certain trailer applications. We make it easy and affordable with No Weld Trailer and Pickup Bed Racks. See our gallery here.

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roof top tent Trailer Rack by Dinoot Racks on M416 Trailer

Our Dinoot No Weld Trailer Rack System makes it easy for DIYers to transform their trailer into a multi-tier camping or workhorse machine with a sturdy trailer rack tailored to their needs.  The versatile system makes it easy to setup trailer racks for hauling Roof Top Tents, Kayaks, Canoes, Bikes, Paddle Boards, Hunting Gear,  Ladders, Construction Materials, or you name it!

The Trailer Racks

At the core of the rack is strong 1.5”, .120” wall square tubing.  The tubing is joined with our Corner Connectors and depending on the application, attached to the trailer with our Base Plates.  The system was designed to be compatible with most standard Thule and Yakima accessories. 

Customers have flexibility in how they purchase their Dinoot Trailer Rack.  We offer bracket sets through complete kits. With a bracket set, you purchase your tubing locally, cut pieces to length, drill holes, paint and bolt together. We can also provide tubing cut to length or kits ready to paint and bolt together.  We also have Pickup Truck Bed Racks available!

NEW!  Full No Weld Trailer Rack Kits! Read more here!

Here is a ‘how-to” Overview About Building a Dinoot No Weld Corner Bracket Trailer Rack.

We have a few No Weld Trailer Rack threads with examples available on the Tventuring forum: 

Made in the USA and offered exclusively by Compact Camping Concepts!

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