Roof top Tent camping trailer and vehicle tents on Jeep Trailer

Roof Top Tent

Our Folding roof top Tent Units are compatible with mounting on Trailers, Vehicles, Trucks and RVs. They can be attached to most factory and aftermarket rack systems or bolted directly on in certain trailer applications. Our units are general designed to provide spacious sleeping for two. In our Safari Style line up, we also have a jumbo sized Family unit.

Unlike many “Internet Stores”, we actually have personal experience with and use the products we sell. Not only that, we have demo units available for people to see in person and to crawl around in. Not sure which tent unit is right for you? Based on your camping needs we can help you decide.

In the unfortunate situation that you damage your tent unit in some way, we have replacement parts available and offer repair services.

We don’t stop there, with our deep DIY roots, we’ve designed and have manufactured a DIY tent unit kit. Have your own ideas on a DIY folding style tent project, we have a selection of fabrication supplies and parts.

Thinking about a Tent Topped Camping Trailer? Visit Compact Camping Concepts for the range of options we offer. Shop our store here

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